Our Philosophy

With The Correct Call you will:

Have your money postioned for the markets’ next move: UP or Down

Know if it is wiser to buy-and-hold or make your money and run

Only Invest your dollars in The Hottest Sectors & ETFs

Know which industries and stocks to AVOID

Be positioned to profit from earnings announcements
The Correct Call believes in listening to what the stock market is saying and taking advantage of the opportunities it presents.

The first step is to understand which direction the overall market is likely to move in the days and weeks ahead. The Correct Call market leadership, interest rates, market cycles and momentum models to profit from the clues the “smart money” is leaving behind.

When the market conditions favor long term upward trends, we become buy-and-hold investors looking for bigger returns. If the signals are less certain, we take a day trader’s approach, looking to capitalize on short terms swings to make money and run.

After we have our finger on the pulse of the Big Picture, we look under the hood to track the performance of 59 industries and more than 400 ETFs versus the S&P 500. The Correct Call knows that up to 60% of your returns can come from just being in or out of the right or wrong sectors!

Using our strict criteria, we screen only the stocks in the hottest and coldest sectors, looking to uncover long and short opportunities.

We want to know both so that we are flexible enough to make money in an market condition. That makes sense right? As we all know too well, the market goes UP and DOWN. Unfortunately most investors only make money when the market goes up.

You no longer have to cross your fingers and wait for the next bull market. You are going to invest like a pro and have a game plan no matter which way the wind blows.