Trading Earnings: Info on an Upside Surprise

InfoSpace (INSP) is set to report earnings after the market closes Wednesday, February 11th. InfoSpace, Inc. provides private-label online search services to distribution partners primarily in the United States. It develops search tools and technologies that assist consumers with finding content, information, merchants, individuals, and products on the Internet.pic2

INSP is expected to lose a nickel per share for its 4th quarter. We expect the internet company to announce earnings that will beat investors’ and analysts’ expectations.

InfoSpace has a wild history of earnings surprises, either hitting or missing in a big way. The average earnings surprise for the last 4 quarters has been plus or minus 800%. We don’t expect that trend to end tomorrow.
The stock also has a history of jumping around a lot post earnings. It’s not uncommon to see the stock move in the 15 to 20% range following its quarterly check up. According to our technical analysis, this stock is poised to move to the $9-$9.50 range following muscular earnings.

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